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The Texas Legislature will be voting on bills that would allow home sharing to flourish across Texas. The bills — SB 1888, HB 3778, and HB 3773 — protect your right to share your home by prohibiting cities from unfairly banning short-term rentals while also encouraging safe and responsible hosting to protect the character of Texas’ cities and neighborhoods.

We need passionate members of the home sharing community like you to email Texas representatives and senators and tell them why you support home sharing.

We want to work with legislators in Texas to craft fair, common sense rules. We know the collective voices of the Texas home sharing community will make a difference. It just takes 30 seconds to make your voice heard by sending your 1-Click email now.

How else can you help? – Attend the Committee Meetings

  • April 4, 2019 – House Urban Affairs Committee Meeting at the Texas Capitol in room EXT E2.010. Register in support of HB 3778. The hearing begins at 8:00AM, however, HB 3778 will likely not be taken up for consideration until midday or later. While there is no confirmed time that our issue will be addressed, we do recommend arriving at the Capitol no later than 12:00pm. Join the Austinites for Short Term Rentals Facebook group for updates on any room or times changes.

It’s critically important that you also show up at the committee hearings when these bills will be heard to show your support. Computers should be located just outside the meeting room where you can quickly and easily register your support. You also have the option to sign up and speak for 1 to 3 minutes. It’s fairly easy and it’s in a small setting/room. Telling the committee members your story about how short term rentals have helped you will be the most important thing you can do to help. Parking is located at the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage. More information on how to register to testify at the hearing can be found here. Capitol complex maps and more parking information can be viewed here.

Join the Austinites for Short Term Rentals Facebook group for updates (such as any room or times changes.).

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